Our Center is Smoking and Substance Free Environment. For the safety of our community we don’t allow Firearms or any other weapons to be carried onto our campus or Masjid Anyone who is disruptive to our policies is liability for legal actions that will include removal form the campus and calling law enforcement agencies

During Stay

Food and/or drinks will be served only outside the Masjid in the Gazebo Area

No food and/or drinks allowed in the carpeted areas.

No cooking is allowed under any condition. Warming of food is permissible using designated microwave ovens provided by the Masjid.

No one is allowed to sleep overnight except during Ramadan or with permission by the management

Brothers are not allowed to use break room, wadu area and other facilities on the sister’s side, even if no sisters are present.

Sisters are not allowed to use break room, wadu area and other facilities on the brother’s side, even if no brothers are present.

In Ramadan – During daytime sleeping bags and other belongings should be wrapped and set aside

Washing and hanging clothes in Masjid is NOT allowed

Clean up any spills.

Keep the restroom/bathroom clean.

Please all shoes on Racks

No outside cooking equipment is allowed.

No cooking is allowed in the Masjid

Sport courts are used for the designated purpose. In case of conflict, the management have full right to implement policies.

Policy for serving food in the Masjid

NO food and/or drinks allowed in the carpeted areas.

NO cooking is allowed on the premises; microwave can be used to warm-up food and tea/coffee

can be made in the breakroom.

Clean up any spills.


When containers are full, throw container trash in the outside dumpster.

Clean the Microwave both inside and outside.

Make sure NO open containers are left in the Masjid.

Clean up any spills.

Vacuum/mop the area.


No external fundraising is allowed except approved by the Management

No person other than management or Shaykhs is allowed to collect cash or any value on the behalf of Center or Community