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Youth Committee

Mission :

To create an active, robust, and dynamic, youth community at Muslim Children Education and Civic Center (MCECC), to be constantly engaged with youth of all ages and build the youth to becoming engaged members of the greater muslim community, & to provide educational programs that increase knowledge and Islamic literacy.

What do we do:

We are a dedicated group of individuals that was created for MCECC’s programing for all ages.The committee traditionally consists of a balanced number of brothers and sisters, and then the Religious Director from the Masjid who acts as a liaison between the committee and the board.
It consists of three groups:

  • Young Youth: Ages 4-12
  • High school: Ages 13-18
  • College and Young Professional: Ages 18+

Youth Committee Brothers

Mohammed Zayed

Daniel Shakil

Osman Sharaf

Umair Iqbal

Youth Committee Sisters

Zenia Haq

Kelsey Rodriguez

Aumama Bascal

Israt Jahan

Huda Adil

Alia Malla

Aleeza mahboob

Afshan Sharaf